Construction Staffing Software

Managing employees on a construction site can be challenging. Construction sites are usually very busy and many types of workers are involved on a construction site. Your time may also be taken up by tasks like managing building materials and ensuring the project is on schedule. It is often difficult to be certain that all employees and contractors have arrived on-site and have started work.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution.  Smart Clockin can be used to clock-in workers and keep track of their activities throughout the day.  It can also help with tasks like scheduling contractors, managing payroll, and finding replacements for sick workers.


Why is Smart Clockin the best choice for construction staffing software?

The main function of Smart Clockin is to track how long each employee is on the work site.  However, this software offers a wide range of other functionality including:


Construction worker clock-in app

Staff tracking applications like Smart Clockin include functionality to track when employees clock in and clock out.  Smart Clockin includes multiple ways for employees to check in, including:

Self Scan Clock-Ins

This allows employees to clock-in in using their mobile devices. You can post different check in codes around the work site for workers to scan.

Team Leader ClockIns

A team leader will scan all of the team members phones or ID cards with their own phone or tablet. Once an employee has been clocked in, the staff tracking software will record them as being on-site.

Fixed Location Clock-Ins

Traditionally, a fixed location clock-in was a piece of cardboard that was placed into a machine to punch a hole. The employer would then have to manually review each piece of cardboard to check how long each employee worked. The software version of this functionality is a desktop computer or tablet application which an employee uses to clock into the job site. The application automatically logs their clock-in time and how long they were on the job site.

Timesheet Software

Smart Clockin has the ability to create and share electronic time sheets. This makes it much easier for employees and contractors to specify the tasks they have performed each day. Employers can also use self scan clock-ins to register how long an employee has spent at a particular section of the work site. Smart Clockin’s timesheet software makes it simple to track what employees are doing each day and to evaluate which tasks have been the most time consuming on the work site.

Construction Payroll Software

Smart Clockin can calculate the total hours worked by each employee, which makes managing payroll much simpler. There will be less administrative work associated with calculating payroll and you will be able to ensure that each staff member is correctly paid for their labour.

Benefits of using Smart Clockin

Construction site managers can obtain many advantages by using construction staffing applications like Smart Clockin, including:

Better oversight of employee and contractor activity

Smart Clockin gives you a real-time overview of what each worker is doing on the job site. You can see which part of the job site they have clocked into and how many employees are currently working.

Improved productivity on the work site

Staffing software like Smart Clockin makes it much easier for workers to clock into the job site. They simply place their phone at a an iPad or tablet or more conveniently use an in-phone app to scan a piece of paper. It is much faster than other methods of checking into a work site, and tracks their actual location of where they clocked in from.

Construction staffing software also improves the efficiency of managerial staff on the work site, because they can easily see which staff are currently working. Time sheets are simpler to process as they are immediately digitised. That means no more manual collection and processing of paper time sheets.

Easily calculate your labour costs

Builders have to always keep an eye on labour costs on the job site. Using construction staffing software like Smart Clockin makes this much easier as you will always know who is currently working, how many hours have been logged during the week, and which parts of the project have been the most time-consuming.

Allow clients to view your time sheets

Some elements of a building contract may be charged on an hourly basis. You can keep your client informed about the total cost by giving them access to the electronic time sheets submitted by your employees and contractors.

Managing payroll more efficiently

Smart Clockin makes managing payroll a breeze. You will be able to see precisely how many hours each employee worked and calculate their pay in a matter of minutes.

You will be able to identify which parts of a project were time consuming
Electronic time sheets and clock-ins can help you determine which stages of a project’s construction were the most time consuming. You can also identify which workers were more productive during the course of a project.

The workplace will be safer

If there is an emergency event on the work site and it needs to be evacuated, you can check precisely how many workers were on-site. You can pass this information onto emergency services providers.

Smart Clockin — The world’s best construction staffing software

Smart Clockin is an advanced staff monitoring software application that is perfect for managing staff on a construction site. It will allow you to check-in workers, monitor employee attendance, send messages to all workers and much more.

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